Stained Polished Concrete

Stained polished concrete imparts a luxurious richness that can't be achieved by coloring.

Rather than produce a solid, non-transparent effect like paint, stains penetrates the polished concrete to infuse it with a translucent tones that vary depending on the surface they are applied to and the application techniques used. The results can look like everything from natural stone to tanned leather to polished marble or even stained wood.

We can stain new or old and plain or integrally colored concrete. Staining is especially effective for revitalizing dull, lackluster surfaces. Because of the process stained concrete is UV stable, weare resistant an can be uses both inside our outside!

Concrete stains are semi-transparent and are intended to enhance the surface. They will not hide cracks, blemishes or other flaws in existing concrete. Nor will they completely mask an underlying color or conceal the texture of the surface. An existing concrete slab with major cracks or spalling is usually not a good candidate for staining because any patchwork is likely to show right through the stain.

Take a look at these pictures which show our results with stained polished concrete.


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